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  The Rambur Charolais operation had its origins over thirty years ago when Howard Rambur developed an interest in cattle. After completing his education, Howard decided to make the development of superior cattle his life’s work. Always an individualist, he decided to work with a breed of cattle distinctly different from any other breeds in eastern Montana, so he chose Charolais, at that time a relatively new breed to the area. When the Ramburs first entered the Charolais business thirty years ago, the breed still retained its full French heritage, and animals grew quite large as adults. Howard set about modifying the breed to not only suit his customers but also to ensure that his Charolais fit the Montana environment. Charolais put on pounds quickly but this led to calving problems, so Howard bred his Charolais down to a smaller frame which led to calving ease. It took Howard several decades to do this, but the Ramburs now have customers who will use a Charolais bull on their first calf heifers.

Because of the improvements made through the years to the Charolais they own, Howard has seen Rambur bulls sell to cattlemen all across the country.

Rambur cattle have done exceptionally well at the Denver Stock Show. Rambur Charolais has won top honors three times and has received Reserve Champion on several other occasions.
  1983 NAILE      
  1991 Richland Co.      
      2002 NWSS  
      1990 Richland Co.  
  1995 Richland Co.      
  1991 National Junior Charolais Show   1991 National Junior Charolais Show  
  Want more information? Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our program. If we can assist you with learning more about our Charolais cattle please contact Howard Rambur at rc1@midrivers.com.  
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